Nativity Plays for Children

Nativity Plays for Children

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Nativity Plays for Children – Celebrating Christmas through Music and Movement

Höfundur: Wilma Ellersiek

These simple Christmas plays in rhyming verse, with music, lyrics and directions for movement, are ideal for kindergarten and other early years settings up to the age of six or seven. The easy-to-follow plays build on well-known nativity stories to create a joyful and memorable Christmas experience for educators, parents and children alike.

Wilma Ellersiek, born in 1921, was a teacher of music, movement and speech at the Stuttgart Music Academy, as well as a stage director of opera and drama. Her research into the effects of rhythm, movement and language on the young child led to the development of the first gesture games. After she retired from the Academy, she created many more of these games, which are interconnected play-units woven of rhyme, rhythm and music.

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