MaM Maxi/Night – 30% afsláttur


MaM Maxi/Night – 30% afsláttur

2.380 kr.

Maxi / nætur bindi, 2 stór bindi saman í pakka.

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Maxi / nætur bindi, 2 stór bindi saman í pakka.

Lendi u.þ.b. 33 cm


2 pcs

Confidence and comfort during the red days; Maxi/Night pads for nights and the first week(s) of postpartum use

  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Sensitive to skin
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Thin and discreet
  • Keeps in place
  • 2 pcs

Cloth pads allow airflow, which can help to prevent yeast problems and rash. The Mini pads are intended for the first and last days of a period and for cup users; Regular pads are for normal flow, Regular Plus for heavier flow and Maxi/Night for nights and the first week(s) of postpartum use. The trial set includes one of each pad and our beautiful Moon Purse is for carrying both clean and dirty pads along.

The MaM pads are all-in-ones, no pieces to assemble before or after wash, no elastics that get tangled in the wash or pockets that leak. They are both thin and absorbent, and the absorbent layers are positioned exactly where needed and sewn „step-wise“ to prevent bumps in the pad ends. Every pad has two small and durable nylon snaps for adjustability.

100% organic cotton against the skin, absorbent layers 380 g/m2 prewashed bamboo viscose fleece, thin PUL membrane and woven organic cotton as bottom with non-slip polyester suede.


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