Form Drawing Workbook

Form Drawing Workbook

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Form Drawing Workbook – Lesson plan from grade to grade

Höfundur: Peter Giesen

Lesson Plan From Grade To Grade

Through this „Form Drawing Workbook“ Peter Giesen provides insights into the multitude of forms that can emerge from a basic form.

A vision on lesson plan contents and an approach that stimulates the imagination is presented in this workbook. I belive this book can act as a guide for teachers who wish to use this inspirational approach to explore and experiment in the wold of shapes. For the children, this book will stimulate their desire to generate forms. „A book that stimulates self-design of the form drawing lesson plan“.
Paul van Meurs

Peter Giesen (1955) has 34 years of experience in education, including a 32 year connection with the Steiner Waldorf Education method. In addition, he lectures at various teaching courses at the Academy for Parents in Driebergen and Venlo. Peter also provides lectures and courses for adults in the fields of anthroposophoy, the 12 senses, the temperaments, artistic subjects and bookbinding.

Mercurius – art makes sense

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Þyngd 1380 g


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