Baby-Led Breastfeeding – 40% afsláttur


Baby-Led Breastfeeding – 40% afsláttur

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Baby-Led Breastfeeding: Follow Your Baby’s Instincts for Relaxed and Easy Nursing


Say goodbye to stressful schedules, painful latching, and worries over milk supply. In the same sensible and sensitive voice that has made baby-led weaning a growing sensation, authors Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett show how easy nursing can be when you let your baby lead the way. This comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide will help you understand your baby’s unique, natural pattern and develop a trusting and healthy breastfeeding relationship. With the help of personal anecdotes and color photos from real moms, Rapley and Murkett explain how to:

  • Get breastfeeding up and running in the first few weeks
  • Hold your baby so that he can feed effectively
  • Express and store milk efficiently
  • Avoid or remedy sore nipples, mastitis, and other problems
  • Wean at a natural pace

Breastfeeding shouldn’t be a struggle, and, if you stay in tune with your baby, it can be effortless. Baby-Led Breastfeeding will give you the tools to create a happy and fulfilling breastfeeding experience for you and your baby.

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